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100% Biological Aronia Herbal Tea Infusion

100% Biological Aronia Herbal Tea Infusion

The tea-mixture contains aronia pellicle that is full of polyphenol and vitamin C, dried and finely minced whole berries.

We dry the berries on 40’C to preserve all of the nutritional properties.

Aronia tea has a very pleasant and natural flavor, does not contain tein and is intended for all age groups.

Did you know:

  • helps faster recovery in the midst of cold and flu
  • is beneficial for urinary infections
  • efficacy of tea is stronger if not used with sweeteners


  • 100% Bio Aronia (lat. aronia melanocarpa)
  • 1 tea bag = 2.5 g
  • Contents of a box = 20 tea bags = 50 grams


  • Boil 2 dcl of water to 80°C
  • Place teabag in a cup and pour in the hot water
  • Steep the teabag for 10 minutes
  • For richer taste let the teabag steep for longer time!
  • Enjoy your cup of tea!

Naturally gluten-free!