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100% Biological Aronia Tea with Bio Ginger

100% Biological Aronia Tea with Bio Ginger

Bio aronia and bio ginger, the perfect combination which ginger adds exceptional properties

Did you know:

  • As part of medicine since the ancient times and ancient Incas ginger was used for strengthening the immune system, diseases of the digestive system and respiratory diseases
  • Has positive effect with indigestion, poor circulation, nausea, headache and migraine and alleviates menstrual cramps


  • Bio Aronia (lat. Aronia melanocarpa)
  • Bio ginger (lat. Zingiber officinale)
  • 1 tea bag = 2.5 g
  • Contents of a box = 20 tea bags = 50 g


  • Boil 2 dcl of water to 80°C
  • Place teabag in a cup and pour in the hot water
  • Steep the teabag for 10 minutes
  • For richer taste let the teabag steep for longer time!
  • Enjoy your cup of tea!

Naturally gluten-free!