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Pure Organic Aronia Juice

Pure Organic Aronia Juice

Pure Organic Aronia Juice is 100% natural, obtained by cold pressing of attentively selected fruit.

It doesn’t contain water, preservatives, sugar, aromas, additives or any other ingredients.

Persons of any age may drink it. The product analysis confirm that it is an antioxidant because it contains vitamin C, which contributes to normal functioning of immune system, protects cells from oxidative stress and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Did you know:

  • strengthens the immune system and protects against viruses and bacteria
  • preventing heart and blood vessels diseases
  • regulates blood pressure
  • contributes to the health of the urinary system
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • stimulates the thyroid
  • improves memory and concentration
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • has beneficial effect on the digestive system


In the recommended daily dose 50 ml:

  • Direct juice of aronia fruit, Aronia melanocarpa: 100%
  • Vitamin C: 22 mg 28% RDA


  • Shake before use
  • The recommended daily dose: 50 ml
  • Best before: 10 days after opening
  • Keep in the refrigerator

Naturally gluten free!