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About us

Dear customers,

in this time of globalization, GMO food, the abundance of pesticide treated fruit and vegetables, in the time of new and fast ways of cultivation we have decided to go back to the past. We grow and create our plants and products in an absolutely natural way, the way our ancestors were doing it. Unhealthy food that makes part of our everyday menu along with stressful life we live have incited us to grow aronia. We want to create an “aronia world” with a wide range of healthy products we will enjoy together with you.

Extensive international research and our observation indicate that special attention should be paid to this plant because aronia deserves it. We have chosen to grow aronia biologically, to produce and process it and to sell products derived from it. At this moment we own one of the largest plantations of aronia in Croatia. It is situated in the vicinity of Ivanić Grad and is 18,6 hectares large. The plantation is completely fenced in and video surveyed.

Dear customers, with just one click of the mouse you will soon be able to follow the situation on our plantation. There is a hunting-ground next to us so our next-door neighbors are lively roes, magnificent pheasants, storks and hares that often walk proudly on our plantation.

The plantation has an artificial lake and a drip irrigation. We praise the diligent hands of our workers  because they never use pesticides or other substances that pollute soil, plant or product from the removal of weed on. We proudly point out that we grow aronia a 100% biologically. The proof is the certificate from a renowned institution: Biogarantie Austria.

Dear customers, as you can see, our effort and investments are big but the mere fact that we are making a healthy product makes us happy and content. We would like to incite and encourage others to recognize the value of biological cultivation and production as this has been recognized by our expert team of young people who invest great effort and energy in the success of the whole project.

Sincere thanks  to all collaborators on the project who helped us with their advice, work and experience or in any other way have contributed to carry it out. The greatest prize for us is the abundance of health in our products.

We thank you for your reliance when you chose our products to take care of your health.

Try them with confidence!

The Aronia Live Team